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Graduate Engineer At Omnia

Graduate Engineer At Omnia

  • B.Eng Civil / B.Sc Civil Engineering
• No previous experience required but any relevant previous work experience will be an advantage.
• Must not currently be enrolled in a graduate development programme.
• Academic performance will be taken into consideration.
• Must have done their final year thesis and advanced design project in structural engineering.
• The structural design of structural steel and reinforced concrete structures from the first principle as well as using design
software in accordance with relevant SANS standards.
• Reviewing of designs done by third parties and conducting routine inspections of construction work to ensure compliance
with approved designs.
• Tracking of projects and ensuring that projects comply with financial, technical and performance requirements.
Job Competencies
• Proficient using Prokon Design and Analysis Software
• Proficient using Autocad draughting packages
• Strong technical writing capabilities
• Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.
• Outstanding interpersonal skills.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Good presentation skills.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
• High energy levels.
• The ability to work independently under pressure.
• The ability to meet deadlines.
• Good problem-solving ability.
• Eager to learn.
• Out of the box thinker.
Please provide an updated CV and most recent academic records in your profile
Closing Date : 29 May 2018


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