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Graduate Internship at DST-NRF Careers

The National Research Foundation (NRF) is responsible for the management of the DST-NRF Careers Internship Programme in which unemployed Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) graduates and postgraduates (including those in Social Sciences and Humanities) are offered an opportunity to acquire practical work experience through mentoring and exposure to a research environment. This opportunity is also offered to those unemployed graduates and postgraduates who are interested in research management; research support and administration at public higher education institutions and research agencies through a partnership with the Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association (SARIMA). Applications are invited from candidates who are interested in acquiring work experience in the areas of specialisation or disciplines in the provinces stated.
Interns will receive a monthly salary ranging between R6 070.00 and R8 050.00 per month – depending on the level of qualification.
Unemployed South African graduates and postgraduates in the Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET), Research and Development, Social Sciences and Humanities fields are eligible to apply.  South African Permanent Residents who hold a South African Identity Document also qualify while non-South African citizens are not eligible.  Applicants should not be older than 35 years at the time of submission of an application.  Candidates with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
Eastern Cape
Agricultural Economics,  Agricultural Management,  Agriculture,  Analytical Chemistry,  Animal Production,  Anthropology,  Biochemistry,  Biology,  Biotechnology,  Botany,  Chemistry,  Communication & Media Studies,  Communication Technologies,  Development Studies,  Ecology,  Ecology & Environmental Science,  Education,  Electronic Engineering,  Environmental Studies,  Fisheries,  Food Sciences & Technology,  Fresh Water Biology & Limnology,  Health Informatics,  Health Promotion & Disease Prevention,  Health Systems Research,  Industrial Psychology & Sociology,  Information Systems,  Inorganic Chemistry,  Languages & Literature,  Linguistics,  Management,  Marine Biology,  Mathematics,  Molecular & Cell Biology,  Nursing Science,  Obstetrics & Maternal Health,  Organic Chemistry,  Physical Chemistry,  Physics,  Physiology,  Political Sciences,  Political Sciences & Public Policy,  Public Health,  Public Management & Administration,  Quality Management,  R & D Psychology,  Research Management, Research Support & Administration,  Science & Technology,  Social Science,  Social Work,  Sociology,  Soil & Water Sciences,  Sports & Recreational Arts,  Zoology
Free State
Agricultural Economics,  Agriculture,  Animal Diseases,  Architecture,  Biotechnology,  Botany,  Chemistry,  Communication & Media Studies,  Cultural Studies,  Development Studies,  Ecology,  Ecology & Environmental Science,  Education,  Food Sciences & Technology,  Forest Science,  Genetics,  Human Geography,  Immunology,  Industrial Psychology & Sociology,  Infectious Diseases,  Inorganic Chemistry,  Languages & Literature,  Linguistics,  Mathematics,  Medical Virology,  Microbiology,  Musicology,  Philosophy,  Physical Chemistry,  Physical Geography,  Plant Production,  Political Sciences & Public Policy,  Polymer Science,  Psychology,  Research Management, Research Support & Administration,  Sociology,  Soil & Water Sciences,  Sustainable Development,  Town & Regional Planning
Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering ,  Agricultural Economics,  Agricultural Engineering,  Agricultural Sciences,  Applied Mathematics,  Analytical Chemistry,  Anatomical Sciences,  Animal Production,  Animal Science,  Archaeology,  Artificial Intelligence,  Astronomy,  Atomic, Molecular & Nuclear Physics,  Biochemistry,  Bio-engineering,  Biological Sciences,  Biology,  Biomedical Technology,  Biometrics,  Biostatistics,  Biotechnology,  Botany,  Chemical Engineering,  Chemical Pathology,  Chemistry,  Chemistry Sciences Engineering,  Computer Engineering,  Computer Programming,  Computer Science,  Computer Software,  Communication & Media Studies,  Construction Industry & Building,  Development Studies,  Ecology,  Ecology & Environmental Science,  Education,  Electrical Engineering,  Electronic Engineering,  Embryology & Fetal Development,  Engineering Management,  Environmental Health,  Environmental Studies,  Epidemiology,  Fine Art,  Food Science & Technology,  Food Technology,  Forensic Sciences,  Forest Science,  Fresh Water Biology & Limnology,  Genetics,  Geographic Information System,  Geology,  Geophysics,  Haematology,  Health Informatics,  Health Promotion & Disease Prevention,  Health Systems Research,  Horticulture,  Immunology,  Industrial Engineering,  Industrial Psychology & Sociology,  Information & Computer Sciences,  Information & Library Science,  Information Management,  Information Systems,  Information Systems & Technologies,  Information Technology,  International Relations,  IT-Graphic Design,  Knowledge Management (Records Administration),  Languages & Literature,  Management,  Material Sciences & Technologies,  Mathematics,  Mechanical Engineering,  Medical Virology,  Mental Health & Substance Abuse,  Metallurgical Engineering,  Microbiology,  Molecular & Cell Biology,  Morphology,  Neuroscience,  Nursing Science,  Orthopaedics,  Pharmacology,  Physical Chemistry,  Physics,  Physiology,  Plant Biotechnology,  Plant Production,  Photography,  Political Sciences,  Political Sciences & Public Policy,  Psychology,  Public Health,  Quantity Surveying,  R & D Sociology,  Research Management with Mathematics,  Respiratory Diseases,  Science Education,  Space & Earth Science,  Social Science,  Social Work,  Soil & Water Sciences,  Sociology,  Sports Medicine,  Statistics & Probability,  Sustainable Development,  Surgery,  Theology,  Toxicology,  Trauma,  Veterinary Science,  Zoology
Agriculture,  Analytical Chemistry,  Animal Production,  Animal Science,  Anthropology,  Applied Mathematics,  Artificial Intelligence,  Astronomy,  Atmospheric Science & Meteorology,  Biochemistry,  Bio-engineering,  Biological Sciences,  Biology,  Biotechnology,  Botany,  Chemical Engineering,  Chemistry,  Civil Engineering,  Communication & Media Studies,  Computer Engineering,  Computer Hardware,  Computer Multimedia Systems,  Computer Programming,  Computer Sciences,  Computer Software,  Development Studies,  Ecology,  Ecology & Environmental Science,  Education,  Electronic Engineering,  Environmental Engineering,  Environmental Health,  Epidemiology,  Food Sciences & Technology,  Forest Science,  Fresh Water Biology & Limnology,  Genetics,  Geochemistry,  Geographic Information Science,  Geology,  Geospace Physics,  Health,  Health Economics,  Health Informatics,  Health Promotion & Disease Prevention,  Horticulture,  Hydrology,  Industrial Engineering,  Industrial Psychology & Sociology,  Infectious Diseases,  Information & Computer Sciences,  Information Systems & Technologies,  Inorganic Chemistry,  IT-Graphic Design,  Languages & Literature,  Linguistics,  Management,  Material Sciences & Technologies,  Mechanical Engineering,  Medical Microbiology,  Medical Technologies,  Microbiology,  Molecular & Cell Biology,  Nutrition,  Obstetrics & Maternal Health,  Pharmacology,  Physical Chemistry,  Physiology,  Plant Biotechnology,  Plant Production,  Political Sciences & Public Policy,  Psychology,  Respiratory Diseases,  Research Management, Research Support & Administration,  Social Science,  Social Work,  Sociology,  Soil & Water Sciences,  Space & Earth Science,  Sports Science,  Toxicology,  Veterinary Microbiology,  Veterinary Science,  Zoology
Agricultural Economics,  Agricultural Engineering,  Agrometeorology,  Analytical Chemistry,  Animal Diseases,  Animal Parasitology,  Animal Science,  Anthropology,  Biochemistry,  Biology,  Biotechnology,  Botany,  Cardiovascular Diseases,  Chemical Engineering,  Computer Science,  Development Studies,  Ecology & Environmental Science,  Environmental Studies,  Education,  Electronics Engineering,  Food Sciences & Technology,  Geology,  Horticulture,  Human Geography,  Hydrology,  Information & Computer Sciences,  Information Systems & Technology,  Information Technology,  Inorganic Chemistry,  Invertebrate Taxonomy,  Knowledge Management (Records Administration),  Library Services,  Limnology,  Macro-Invertebrates,  Material Sciences & Technologies,  Mathematics,  Mechanical Engineering,  Microbiology,  Molecular & Cell Biology,  Nutrition,  Organic Chemistry,  Parasitology,  Physical Chemistry,  Physics,  Psychology,  Public Health,  Research Management, Research Support & Administration,  Rural Development,  Sports Science,  Sociology,  Statistics,  Plant Production,  Soil & Water Sciences,  Taxonomy,  Theoretical & Condensed Matter Physics,  Town & Regional Planning,  Zoology
Food Sciences & Technology,  Food Technology,  Plant Production
Northern Cape
Analytical Chemistry,  Applied Mathematics,  Computer Programming,  Computer Science,  Ecology,  Ecology & Environmental Science,  Information Systems,  Inorganic Chemistry,  Organic Chemistry,  Polymer Science,  Statistics & Probability,  Zoology
North West
Agricultural Management,  Agricultural Sciences,  Agriculture,  Astronomy,  Atomic, Molecular & Nuclear Physics,  Biochemistry,  Cardiovascular Diseases,  Chemistry,  Communication & Media Studies,  Demography,  Dietetics,  Ecology & Environmental Science,  Education,  Epidemiology,  Food Sciences & Technology,  Fresh Water Biology & Limnology,  Health Promotion & Disease Prevention,  Health Technology,  Home Economics,  Horticulture,  Information Systems & Technologies,  Management,  Manufacturing & Process Technologies,  Marine Biology,  Molecular & Cell Biology,  Neuroscience,  Nutrition,  Nutrition & Metabolism,  Pharmacology,  Physics,  Physiology,  Plant Production,  Psychology,  Public Management & Administration,  Social Science,  Social Work,  Sociology,  Soil & Water Sciences,  Statistics
Western Cape
Agriculture,  Anaesthesia & Pain Management,  Analytical Chemistry,  Anatomical Sciences,  Animal Production,  Archaeology,  Atmospheric Science & Meteorology,  Biochemistry,  Bio-engineering,  Biological Sciences,  Biology,  Biomedical Technology,  Biophysics,  Biostatistics,  Biotechnology,  Botany,  Cardiovascular Diseases,  Chemical Engineering,  Chemistry,  Civil Engineering,  Communication & Media Studies,  Dermatology,  Development Studies,  Diabetology,  Ecology,  Ecology & Environmental Science,  Education,  Electronic Engineering,  Embryology & Fetal Development,  Endocrinology,  Energy,  Engineering Management,  Engineering Sciences,  Environmental Studies,  Epidemiology,  Food Sciences & Technology,  Forensic Sciences,  Forest Science,  Fresh Water Biology & Limnology,  Genetics,  Geochemistry,  Geology,  Geophysics,  Health Promotion & Disease Prevention,  Health Systems Research,  Health Technology,  Historical Studies,  Horticulture,  Human Geography,  Hydrology,  Immunology,  Industrial Biotechnology,  Industrial Psychology & Sociology,  Infectious Diseases,  Information & Library Science,  Information Systems & Technologies,  Inorganic Chemistry,  Knowledge Management (Records Administration),  Marine Biology,  Material Sciences & Technologies,  Mechanical Engineering,  Medical Virology,  Metallurgical Engineering,  Microbiology,  Molecular & Cell Biology,  Musicology,  Nutrition & Metabolism,  Oceanology,  Paediatrics & Child Health,  Physical Geography,  Physics,  Physiology,  Plant Biotechnology,  Plant Production,  Psychology,  R & D Psychology,  Research Management, Research Support & Administration,  Respiratory Diseases,  Rural Development,  Social Work,  Sociology,  Soil & Water Sciences,  Sports & Recreational Arts,  Sports Science,  Statistics,  Surgery,  Theoretical & Condensed Matter Physics,  Veterinary Science,  Zoology

Only graduates who hold an Advanced Diploma or Bachelor’s degree at NQF level 7, Honours or BTech degrees at NQF level 8 and MTech or Master’s degrees at NQF level 9 qualify to apply for an internship. Candidates holding a National Diploma at NQF level 6 as well as DTech and PhD at NQF level 10 are not eligible to apply.
NBCandidates who would be registered full-time during the 2018 academic year, are also not eligible to apply.
Shortlisting and Interviewing of applicants will be conducted by the participating host institutions. Applicants will be shortlisted and called for interviews via their personal email as indicated in the application.  Applicants are advised to check their emails intermittently from 18 December 2017 to 31 March 2018.
Successful applicants will be placed at various participating institutions throughout the country and should thus apply for a position available in the province where they would like to be placed. The NRF does not pay relocation costs to an appointed candidate (s) who has to relocate to another province.
DURATION: The internship programme is offered for a period of 12 months. Successful applicants will be required to sign an internship contract for the duration of the internship period.

How To Apply

Apply Online for the NRF: Graduate / Internship Programme 2018
For technical online enquiries, please contact the Support Desk (Mondays to Fridays from 08h00 to 16h30) on: Tel: (012) 481-4202
For programme-related queries contact Sello Raseruthe: (012) 481-4388 or and Monwabisi Mfihlo: (012) 481-4023
CLOSING DATE: 14 November 2017.  No late or incomplete applications will be considered.
Applications will be submitted directly to the NRF. There is no DA process for this call.
Applicants should therefor contact the above persons if changes need to be made after submission and before the closing date – 14 November 2017.


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