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SAPS Visible Policing Grade 12 Job Opportunities

Closing Date: 18 August 2017
Location: Countrywide

The South African Police Service herby invites unemployed youth who conform to the requirements for a twelve-month internship programme at Division: Visible Policing. The internship programme is part of the National Human Resource Development Strategy and the National Skills Development Strategy
Generic requirements:
  • Must be between ages 18 – 35
  • Be a South African citizen
  • Must be in possession of Senior Certificate (Grade 12) or equivalent qualification
  • Must have no criminal record
  • Applicants must be unemployed and never participated in an internship programme previously
  • Applicants must be residents of the province where the post is advertised
  • Applicants are restricted to apply for 3 positions only
Intern categories:
Graduate Intern: Tertiary Qualification is required
Student Intern: N6 Certificate (students requiring workplace experience in order to obtain their qualification)
Matric Intern: Senior Certificate (Grade 12) no tertiary qualification is required.
Section: Human Resource Management: Number of Posts: (9)
  • Senior certificate ( Grade12)
  • Degree /  Diploma in Human Resource Management /  Public Administration /  Labour Relations /  Human Resource Development (NQF 6 / 7 / 8)
  • N6 Certificate Human Resource Management /  Public Administration /  Labour Relations /  Human Resource
  • Perform all Personnel Management, Skills Development and Human Resource Utilisation Functions
VP / INT / 1 / 2017 [x4] Pretoria
VP / INT / 2 / 2017 [x1] Pretoria Silverton
VP / INT / 3 / 2017 [x1] Johannesburg
VP / INT / 4 / 2017 [x1] Eastern Cape
VP / INT / 5 / 2017 [x1] Western Cape
VP / INT / 6 / 2017 [x1] KwaZulu Natal
Section: Supply Chain Management: Number of posts (7):
  • Senior certificate ( Grade12)
  • Degree / Diploma Supply Chain Management /  Public Management and Administration /  Logistics (NQF 6 / 7 / 8)
  • N6 Certificate Supply Chain Management /  Public Management and Administration /  Logistics
  • Perform Supply Chain Management Related Functions (e.g. Demand and Acquisition, Fleet Management, Movable Government Property, Facility Management, etc.)
VP / INT / 7 / 2017 [x2] Pretoria
VP / INT / 8 / 2017 [x1] Pretoria Silverton
VP / INT / 9 / 2017 [x1] Johannesburg
VP / INT / 10 / 2017 [x1] Eastern Cape
VP / INT / 11 / 2017 [x1] Western Cape
VP / INT / 12 / 2017 [x1] KwaZulu Natal
Section: Finance and Administration Services: Number of posts (5):
  • Senior certificate( Grade12)
  • Degree / Diploma in Financial Management /  Financial Accounting (NQF 6 / 7 / 8)
  • N6 Certificate in Financial Management /  Financial Accounting
  • Perform all Finance Related functions (e.g. Capturing of allowances, management of Travel Centre, processing of applications for official journeys, etc.)
VP / INT / 13 / 2017 [x1] Pretoria
VP / INT / 14 / 2017 [x1] Pretoria Silverton
VP / INT / 15 / 2017 [x1] Johannesburg
VP / INT / 16 / 2017 [x1] Eastern Cape
VP / INT / 17 / 2017 [x1] Western Cape
VP / INT / 18 / 2017 [x1] KwaZulu Natal
Section: Management Information and Strategic Planning: Number of post: 1
VP / INT / 19 / 2017 [x1]  Pretoria
  • Degree / Diploma in Administration, Public Management, Public Administration, Strategic Management, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Secretarial Diploma or social sciences. (NQF 6 / 7 / 8)
Additional Requirements
  • Good interpersonal relations. Be assertive, trustworthy, ethical and professional with integrity.
  • Must be willing to occasionally work after hours and travel to different provinces.
  • Be able to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Be able to work under pressure and maintain a high level of confidentiality.
  • Assist with the facilitation of Annual Performance Plans and Quarterly Reports.
  • Assist with the compilation of management information report and documents.
  • Assist with the development, maintenance and verification of statistical information and database key performance areas.
  • Assist in monitoring, collating, evaluating and coordinating of management information and research.
Component: Rapid Rail and Police Emergency Services: Office of the Component Head: Number of Posts: 1
VP / INT / 20 / 2017 [x1] Pretoria
  • Senior certificate( Grade12)
  • Basic /  Computer Literacy will serve an advantage .
  • Perform all admin related functions in the Office of the Head, (e.g. document management system, compiling information notes, letters, agendas, minutes, etc.) *Maintain Bring-Forward (BF) system and update information management database
Component: Social Crime Prevention: Number of Posts (10):
VP / INT / 21 / 2017 [x1] Pretoria
  • Degree / Diploma in Office Administration (NQF 6)
  • Perform administrative related functions in the Component Head: Social Crime Prevention. Compile monthly, quarterly and annual performance reporting. *Management of brought forward system and other administrative tasks within the office of the Component Head.
VP / INT / 22 / 2017 [x1] Pretoria
  • Degree / Diploma in Policing /  Criminal Justice or NQF 7 in Social Science with Social Research as subject
  • Analyze crimes against women and children including Domestic Violence and the collation of analytical reports.
  • Advice on research requirements analyses example, trends in child justice (decreases / increases of arrests)
VP / INT / 23 / 2017 x6 Pretoria
  • Degree / Diploma in Public Relations / Community Development / Criminology (NQF6 / 7)
  • Develop and implement targeted mobilization and outreach plans.
  • Develop and update database of stakeholders.
  • Monitor the implementation of intervention plans.
  • Develop action plan based on the issues raised during Imbizo, and monitor implementation.
  • Conduct impact assessment awareness. Identify, produce and develop relevant marketing materials including content and Distribution the plan and implementation.
  • Conduct compliance visits. Input on the impact assessment of programmes.
  • Presentation and public speaking on issues relating to crime Report writing
VP / INT / 24 / 2017 1 Pretoria
  • Degree / Diploma in Public Administration /  Policing (NQF 6 / 7 / 8)
  • Provide administrative support to the office of the Section Head: Crime Prevention Awareness (e.g. compilation of monthly, quarterly and annual performance reporting)
  • Management of the brought forward system and other administrative tasks within the office of the Section Head
VP / INT / 25 / 2017 [x1] Pretoria
  • Degree / Diploma in Public Administration /  Policing (NQF 6 / 7 / 8)
  • Assist and support Section Partnership Policing with coordination of work sessions. Manage administrative and secretarial functions of Section Partnership Policing
Component: Pro Active Policing: Number of Posts: (2)
VP / INT / 26 / 2017 [x1] Pretoria
  • Degree / Diploma in Police Administration / Office Management and Technology (NQF 6 / 7 / 8
  • To provide Secretarial support functions to the Component Head by Arranging  / preparing meetings, agendas, typing and taking of minutes.
  • Answering and screening all incoming calls to the Component Head.
  • Liaise with other Sections and Components on matters relating to the Component Head’s office.
  • Maintain good record keeping, filing and brought forward system. Process and submit claims, make travelling and accommodation arrangements.
  • Manage the diary as well as receive and host visitors of the office.
  • Operate standard equipment (Fax, Photocopy machine, Telephone, Computer etc.)
VP / INT / 27 / 2017 [x1] Pretoria
  • Diploma in Office Administration (NQF 6)
  • Provide administrative support to the sub section: Client Service Centre and complaints; making copies, typing, faxing, handling post, handling telephone enquiries, minute taking.
  • Process documents for subsection: Client Service Centre and complaints; itineraries, claims, keeping a database
Component: Firearm Liquor and Second Goods: Number of Posts: (15)
VP / INT / 28 / 2017 x15 Pretoria
  • Senior certificate (Grade 12) qualification is required. Basic Computer /  Computer Literacy will serve as an advantage.
  • Administer enquiries and statistics at National Firearms, Liquor and Second hand goods
  • Receive and Conduct telephone enquiries on a Firearm Liquor and Second Hand goods
  • Verify information and application status on the system function Enhance from internal and external Clients
  • To Report complains of long outstanding application.
  • Receive SAPS 271 applications on EFRS,
  • Opening of files, preparing applications, testing for Competencies.
  • Receiving of incoming post,
  • Administer the checking and verification of all incoming applications (Competencies and Individual Firearm applications).
  • Administer Quality check on all applications
  • Receiving of clients and visitors, manage the incoming and outgoing register.
  • Ensure proper handling and disposal of closed files and documents in archives.
  • Assist with the development and maintenance of database.
  • Administer information Management hub, Generate, Collate, Interpret, and disseminate information to different stakeholders.
  • Only the attached application form will be accepted. All instructions on the application form must be adhered to; failure to do so may result in the rejection of the application
  • The post particulars and reference number of the post must be correctly specified on the application form
  • Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae must be submitted together with the application form
  • Certified copies of an applicant’s Identity Document, Senior Certificate (Grade 12) and relevant educational qualifications obtained.
  • Application must be mailed timeously. Late applications will not be accepted or considered.
  • If a candidate is shortlisted it can be expected for him / her to undergo a personal interview as well as a practical assessment.
  • All shortlisted candidates will be subjected to fingerprint screening.
  • A stipend will be paid according to proof of relevant qualification.
Enquiries can be directed to:
Colonel Makgeta (012) 421 8118,
Lt Col Thakanyane Tel (012) 421 8242,
Capt Mashiane/PPO Manong Tel (012) 421 8232, and
Constable Kgosana (012) 421 8073

How To Apply

Download Application Form
Applications can be posted or hand delivered to: The Divisional Commissioner : Visible Policing (Attention: Colonel Makgeta), Private Bag x12, Arcadia, 0007 or hand delivered to 540 Pretorius Street, for attention Colonel Makgeta.


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