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43 Government departments Vacancies / Jobs

Vacancies are advertised on the websites of national government departments, as well as in the Public Service Vacancy Circular, which contains advertised posts in all national and provincial government.
View the latest advertised positions in government:

Tips for finding a job

For every job available, you will always have to compete with other job-seekers. Government has information that will help you to find a job, write a CV, prepare you for the interview and starting the job. You can also find information on how to start a business.


Advertised posts in all government departments and provincial governments are listed on the Department of Public and Administration website.
Vacancies advertised on the websites of national government departments
  1. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Vacancies / Jobs  
  2. Arts and Culture Vacancies / Jobs 
  3. Basic Education Vacancies / Jobs 
  4. Commission on Gender Equality Vacancies / Jobs 
  5. Communications Vacancies / Jobs 
  6. Cooperative Governance Vacancies / Jobs 
  7. Correctional Services Vacancies / Jobs 
  8. Defence Vacancies / Jobs 
  9. Economic Development Vacancies / Jobs 
  10. Energy Vacancies / Jobs 
  11. Environmental Affairs Vacancies / Jobs 
  12. Higher Education and Training Vacancies / Jobs 
  13. Human Settlements Vacancies / Jobs 
  14. Independent Police Investigative Directorate Vacancies / Jobs 
  15. International Relations and Cooperation Vacancies / Jobs 
  16. Justice and Constitutional Development Vacancies / Jobs 
  17. Labour Vacancies / Jobs 
  18. Military Veterans Vacancies / Jobs 
  19. Mineral Resources Vacancies / Jobs 
  20. National School of Government Vacancies / Jobs 
  21. National Treasury Vacancies / Jobs 
  22. Parliament of South Africa Vacancies / Jobs 
  23. Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Vacancies / Jobs 
  24. Police Vacancies / Jobs 
  25. Public Enterprises Vacancies / Jobs 
  26. Public Service and Administration Vacancies / Jobs 
  27. Public Service Commission Vacancies / Jobs 
  28. Public Works Vacancies / Jobs 
  29. Rural Development and Land Reform Vacancies / Jobs 
  30. SA Police Service Vacancies / Jobs 
  31. SA Revenue Service Vacancies / Jobs 
  32. Science and Technology Vacancies / Jobs 
  33. Social Development Vacancies / Jobs 
  34. Sport and Recreation Vacancies / Jobs 
  35. Statistics SA Vacancies / Jobs 
  36. Telecommunications and Postal Services Vacancies / Jobs 
  37. The Presidency Vacancies / Jobs 
  38. Tourism Vacancies / Jobs 
  39. Transport Vacancies / Jobs 
  40. Trade and Industry Vacancies / Jobs 
  41. Traditional Affairs Vacancies / Jobs 
  42. Water Affairs Vacancies / Jobs 
  43. Women Vacancies / Jobs 


Many departments also have learnerships and internships which are advertised on the same pages as the vacancies.

Career Development Services

The Department of Higher Education and Training currently runs a Career Development Services Centre to assist learners with career advice.
SMS or “Please Call Me”: 072 204 5056
Telephone: 086 999 0123
National Career Advice Portal:
Walk-in Centre: 123 Francis Baard Street, Pretoria


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