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Department of Correctional Services - 312 vacancies

Department of Correctional Services - 312 vacancies
The National Department of Correctional Services is touring the country (see below for schedule) in an effort to attract local job seekers to fill various vacancies in an array of industries, specifically those in the scarce and critical skills job categories. All interested candidates with the required qualifications are welcomed to attend the job fair hosted in their province to apply for a position with the Department of Correctional Services. People with disabilities, women and sports participants are encouraged to apply.
Traditionally, applicants sent their documentation via snail mail. Speaking to Careers24, Deputy Commissioner of Human Resources, Teboho Mokoena says that the old way of recruiting wasn’t a sustainable venture. “Not only are we struggling to attract critical and scarce skills, but the entire process is usually time consuming. The 2 days of job fairs cuts out the admin procedure as candidates have the opportunity to apply directly.”

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If you’re looking to switch companies, bring along your CV, original and certified copies of qualifications, driver’s license and ID documents. After your documents are verified on the day at the venue, you’ll then be escorted to meet with a representative that will talk you through your documentation, and confirm your details and experience. You’ll even find out how much you can expect to earn if your application is successful. The final step in the process sees your application added to the database and you can wait your call back.
Commissioner Mokoena says that it should take two weeks to process applications and by 11 December all vacancies must be filled and all new employees should be hired.
Vuyelwa Badlati underwent the entire process in the Western Cape and raved about the experience. She says the process is a lot more convenient than the former application process. “Everyone is helpful… the process was informative too as we’re taught why our applications are usually rejected. For example, some details are left empty on the application forms. I received great advice and I was even urged to apply for more than one vacancy.”
When asked if she considers the DCS to be a top employer of choice, she quickly answers “Definitely!”


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