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University of the Witwatersrand Fees for 2015

Fees for 2015 (South African students)

Faculty of Commerce, Law & Management   
Download the complete 2015 Fees book
Enquiries about Fees:
Please call 
27 (11) 717 1533 / 34 / 35 / 36 / 37 / 38 / 46
27 (11) 717 4906 / 11 / / 12 / 13 / 15
Fax: 27 (11) 717 4918
Undergraduate - Average tuition fee for the first year of study
R 41 400.00
BComR 42 010.00 - R 43 320.00
BEconR 47 220.00
LLB R 32 470.00
Faculty of Science   
Undergraduate Average tuition fee for the first year of study
R 41 080.00
Faculty of Health Sciences   
R 57 250.00
MBChBR 58 140.00
BNursR 38 940.00
PharmR 48 700.00
BHSc           R 58 580.00
BSc (OT)R 43 410.00
BSc (Physiotherapy)R 42 670.00
BCMPR 43 470.00
BOHScR 36 850.00
Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment   
BASR 45 930.00
BEngSc(BME)R 52 650.00
BEngSc (Digital Arts)R 40 600.00
BSc (CS)R 57 200.00
BSc (Eng) - depending on branchR 40 170.00 - R 48 150.00
BSc (Property Studies) R 48 850.00 
BSc (URP)R 46 480.00
Faculty of Humanities   
BAR 33 640.00 - R 43 320.00
BA (Dramatic Art)R 36 000.00 - R 39 380.00
BA (Film and Television)R 36 640.00
BA (Fine Arts) R 39 380.00 - R 42 760.00
BA (Performing and Visual Arts) R 36 000.00 - R 39 380.00
BA (Sp&H Therapy) R 40 740.00
B (Social Work) R 39 960.00
BEd R 29 620.00
BMus R 36 760.00

Click here to see initial payment for Returning Students
1 All Engineering Schools (School of Chemical & Metallurgy Engineering, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, School of Mechanical, Aeronautical and Industrial Engineering, School of Mining Engineering, School of Process and Materials Engineering)

Payment of fees

All students will be required to make a first payment of R9340.00 before registration in order to gain access to the University. Note also that the University may alter the payment schedules below (a) and (b) in keeping with normal accounting practices. A copy of the fees schedule will be sent at the beginning of the year to all successful applicants. Applicants should know, however, that at present fees are due as follows:
  1. 100% of the total tuition fee must be paid on or before the last working day in March; 
    20% of the residence fee (where applicable) is payable in advance and 40% by the end of March.
  2. The balance, i.e. 40% of the total residence fee, must be paid on or before the last working day of July.
Provision is made for the monthly payment of fees - interest is charged on the balance owing. International students (i.e. those who are not South African citizens or who do not have permanent residence status in South Africa) who are offered a place must pay their fees in full before registration.

International undergraduate students

For more information go to the Wits International Office fees page.

For information about international student fees, please telephone 717-1054 or e-mail 

Fee increases are normally finalised in November for the subsequent year.

Prospective Students Estimated total costs:You will need to budget for the following estimated amounts:
  • your tuition fees as above (10% increase)
  • books and stationery = R6000
  • travelling costs if living off campus (estimated bus fare for nine months = R2500)
  • Residence fees
Catering residence (with all meals, i.e. most expensive option, although cheaper options available)R61 000.00
Private board and lodging for 10 months at a minimum of R4500 per monthR45 000.00
Approximate total costs for living in residenceR66 000.00
Approximate total costs for private boardR55 000.00
Approximate total costs for living at homeR40 000.00


Wits University will require a first tuition fee payment of R9340.00 which is credited to your fee account.
Is the payment refundable?The first fee payment is not refundable if you subsequently cancel your registration
Who must pay? 
All students registering at Wits and who do not fall into one of the categories below
  • you have proof of a bursary/scholarship from a company or organisation
  • you have been granted a financial aid package or scholarship from Wits
What must I do if I have a bursary/scholarship or a Wits financial aid package?
You must go to the University's Fee's Office in Senate House Concourse, East Campus, where on presentation of proof of Bursary/Scholarship, a clearance certificate will be given to waive the first payment before registration.
What if I am still waiting to hear from Wits about my financial aid application?You should go to the relevant Fees/Satellite Office to see if a clearance can be granted
When must I pay?You can make the first fee payment at any time before you come to your Faculty to register - you may prefer to avoid the queues on registration day(s) by paying earlier. International students should consult the International Office for details of payment required. 
Occasional students should consult the Faculty Office
How do I pay?By any of the following methods:
  • Standard Bank account number: 002891697; Branch code: Braamfontein 004805; Account name: Wits Student Fees; Ref: Student number
    Email to 
  • By credit card: telephone the Cashier's Office at 011 717 1544/43/42 and fax the details to 011 717 4903, or call in person.

  • You may pay at Wits at the following venues and times:
    Cashier's Office on the Senate House Concourse weekdays between 08:15 and 15:30For your convenience, additional cashiers will be available on registration day only. Please check our registration time table. The Wits cashiers will accept cash or credit card payments.

    The University of the Witwatersrand regrets to inform all its applicants,  that the University will no longer be able to accept cheque payments. This is due to the non-acceptance of these cheques by the South African Banks, due to the high incidence of fraud.
What must I bring when I come to register?
  • your ID book

    and either:
  • your proof of payment for the first fee payment - receipt from one of the Cashier's offices or Standard Bank deposit slip

  • your clearance certificate from the Fees/Satellite Office


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