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Department of Military Veterans Internship / Graduate Programme

The Department of Military Veterans is contributing towards skills development by providing opportunities to unemployed graduates to gain work experience in various skills areas. The Department is therefore inviting applications for Internship Programme that will run for a 12 months contract period. The internship programme is aimed at enhancing the employability of qualified unemployed graduates aged between 18 and 35 years.
Applicants must be graduates in fields below and/or have successfully completed the theoretical part of study and are in need of experiential learning in order to complete the qualification. Military Veterans Dependents are encouraged to apply.
Available Opportunities
  • Financial Management-  Financial Management (Ref No: DMV01/IP/2017-18)
  • Audit and Risk Management – Internal Audit and Risk (Ref No: DMV02/IP/2017-18
  • Research – Research Methodology, Public Man, Public Dev, & Social Science (Ref No: DMV03/IP/2017-18)
  • Policy – Policy Management & Management of Social Sciences (Ref No: DMV04/IP/2017-18)
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics – Diploma or Degree in SCM and Logistics (Ref No:DMV05/IP/2017-18)
  • Communications – Website Development, Communications, Public Relations and Marketing DMV06/IP/2017-18)
  • Strategic Planning – Planning Reporting / Business Public Administration Governance (Ref No: DMV07/IP/2017-18)
  • Monitoring & Evaluation-  Monitoring & Evaluation or Public Administration (Ref No: DMV08/IP/2017-18)
  • Military Veterans Skills Development – Training Management and Skills Development (Ref No: DMV09/IP/2017-18)
  • Compliance – Diploma in Auditing and (Ref No: LLB DMV10/IP/2017-18)
  • Security Management Safety & Security Management (Ref No: DMV11/IP/2017-18)
  • Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)-  Degree or Diploma in PC Skills (Ref No: DMV12/IP/2017-18)
  • Office Administration: Empowerment & Stakeholder Management Branch – Public Administration (Ref No: DMV13/IP/2017-18)
  • Office Administration: Socio-Economic Support Branch – Public Administration (Ref No: DMV14/IP/2017-18)
  • Office Administration: Administration Support Branch – Public Administration (Ref No:DMV15/IP/2017-18)
How to apply
Closing date is 17 March 2017. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.
Click here to download the Application form for Internship Programme. Alternatively you can physically collect from 328 Festival Street, Hatfield, Pretoria, 0083, Please don’t use Z83 for Internship Programme Application.
Unless otherwise stated, please forward applications, quoting the relevant reference number, to The Director: Human Resource Management, Department of Military Veterans, Private Bag X943, Pretoria, 0001 or may be hand delivered at 328 Festival Street, Hatfield, Pretoria, 0083.
The Department reserves the right not to appoint any applicants to these positions and to conduct pre-employment security screening.
Correspondence will be entered into with short-listed candidates only.
All enquiries should be directed to: Ms Dineo Masemola or Mr Caiphus Mailula (012) 765 9325,

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